Gretchen Hansen
November 27, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EST

When my boss, Marc, asked me if I liked emo music, I shrugged and said ”sure.” Truthfully, I knew two things about emo music: It involves screaming and kids in tight jeans. But, in the spirit of expanding my musical horizons, and proving to Marc that I was cool, I agreed to go to my very first emo concert. ”’Great!,” said Marc. ”I really want to see Emery, but Scary Kids Scaring Kids is playing too.”

And that’s when I got nervous.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids? Sweet name, but did I have enough black in my wardrobe to be a fan? And who was this band Emery (pictured)? Wasn’t emery that abrasive mineral? What if, at the concert, my eardrums exploded? What if someone launched me into a mosh pit? I had walked past a Hot Topic once or twice before, would the concert kind of be like that? I felt like I should call my mom and ask for permission to go. I wondered where I could get black nail polish on short notice. I practiced looks of teen angst. I yelled ”No one GETS me” to no one in particular. I wikipedia’ed ‘Emo.’

Convinced the concert would suck, I was trying to invent polite ways to tell Marc that emo music wasn’t my thing, and then Emery came on stage. And 30 seconds into their first song, I relaxed.

Turns out, I love emo music!

Before, if had you told me I’d enjoy a song with the title ”After The Devil Beats His Wife,” or that I’d be dancing around to the beat of ”Can’t Stop The Killer,” I’d say you were out of your ever-loving-emo-mind. But Emery blew me (though thankfully, not my eardrums) away, and I even bought their CD, I’m Only a Man, after the concert. I never buy the CDs at concerts.

“I know this is gonna sound emo,” yelled Emery vocalist Toby Morell, ”But you guys have the power to make a difference! You can change the world!” So maybe that made me roll my eyes, but the guitarist and keyboardist could throw their musical instruments twenty feet into the air, catch them, and continue playing, so I awarded them bonus points for technical difficulty, creativity, and for not nailing themselves in the head.

Any other Emery fans out there? Any PopWatchers with emo playlist suggestions? Ever felt musically adventurous and stumbled into a genre you never thought you’d like? We’ll let’s hear your stories!

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