Marc Vera
November 27, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EST

Monday nights are meant for two things: Journeyman and crying.

Yes, Journeyman.

You know, the awesome show the whole world is ignoring, even though it’s on right after Heroes. It doesn’t make sense to me that people aren’t tuning in each week to see how time-traveling reporter Dan Vassar (Kevin McKidd, pictured) is going to deal with his long-suffering wife (Gretchen Egolf), his job (which always seems to be on the line), his son (who likes his “magic trick”), his ex-fiancée (who we recently found out is also a decade-jumper and really lives/d in 1948), his prying brother (who’s a cop), and what happens when you pull things back with you from the past (like money, wine, and guns). Did I mention that I cry at the end of practically every episode? What about the fact that the soundtrack adheres perfectly (and beautifully) to the years Dan “visits”? And that the show is absolutely nothing like Quantum Leap?!

Are you intrigued yet? You should be, despite the fact that NBC isn’t showing Journeyman any love. The network just announced episode orders for Chuck and Life, but left our time-traveler out in the cold. And here I thought Life was just a board game. I’ll be busted up if Journeyman gets canceled, but I’m used to early deaths for my cult favorites. I can only hope that if NBC scraps the show, they give it a fair ending, like the final episode of Surface. Mmmm…water and sea-creatures.

Tell me PopWatchers, should we start the petition on behalf of Journeyman right now? Or are there other shows whose fates concern you more?

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