Lynette Rice
November 29, 2007 AT 10:57 PM EST

Just when it started to look like we wouldn’t have to live with an interruption in our Dirty Sexy Money fixes, yesterday a network exec gave Hollywood Inisder a gloom-and-doom scenario about the ongoing negotiations by saying, “I don’t get the sense any progress is being made.” Well, looking at it from the bright side, at least the moguls and writers have agreed to resume talks today, even though we’ve heard zilch about the first three days, save for some not-so-positive rumor and innuendo being fed to blogging baroness Nikki Finke. In the meantime, the WGA is continuing its campaign by bragging about international support for its cause from scribes in cities around the globe, including Berlin, Paris, and Madrid, who marched on Wednesday (Nov. 28) to show solidarity for their U.S. counterparts. The PR offensive continues today in front of NBC in Burbank, where the WGA is encouraging gay and lesbian writers and actors to join them on the “Gay Gate” picket line.

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