Whitney Pastorek
November 30, 2007 AT 05:00 AM EST

Employment in ”Chuck” and ”Reaper”

Work Bench
When messing with the forces of hell, it’s nice to have a supply of fire extinguishers handy. But Reaper‘s Work Bench suffers under the rabid gaze of Ted, the sort of boss who tries to impose gag orders and make people scrape gum out of Dumpsters.

Buy More
Chuck‘s Buy More may be populated by weirdos, but ever since the departure of despotic assistant manager Harry Tang, it appears to be a rather consequence-free place to work. That home-theater room is perfect for make-out sessions or espionage, and who wouldn’t want a company car?

The Verdict
Really, no contest. Not only do the Work Bench kids have to do an awful lot of menial manual labor, but then there’s that whole bit where, you know, the devil hangs out in their store. (No loitering, mister!) Meanwhile, the Buy More staff play videogames while on the clock, and, frankly, they also seem to be getting a hell of a lot more action (perhaps due to the fact that they are not forced to wear aprons). Throw in the close proximity to a really good sandwich shop, and that’s not a bad box to be in.

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