Abby West
November 30, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EST

If you’ve got kids of just about any age, you know that the task of monitoring what they watch on TV usually means having to view a lot of bad shows junk crap. Even when you weed out the violent, sexual, or simply too-adult content, you’re often stuck with programming that stretches the very definition of entertainment. I (or the hubby) will usually suffer through whatever show we’ve deemed inoffensive enough, trying to let the kids develop their own fledgling entertainment tastes while admittedly hoping to mold them to ours. (Don’t act like you don’t do it too!)

So it’s always a plus when one of their shows has something you actually find kind of entertaining, as is the case with one of the brighter spots among our DVR’ed kid programming, Nickelodeon’s iCarly. Tomorrow night, the Plain White T’s — of this year’s ubiquitous “Hey There Delilah” — will guest star on the hit show. (Check out this behind-the-scenes video and our Spotlight article on the T’s in this week’s issue of EW.) The guys are there to perform “Delilah” and “Our Time Now” on teenager Carly Shay’s (Miranda Cosgrove) web show as payback for her brother saving life of lead singer Tom Higgenson (pictured, center). I’d probably have willingly watched this week’s episode with the kids anyhow, but now I’m actually looking forward to it…and praying there’ll be more such opportunities for mutual enjoyment in our television future.

What are some other shows that you don’t mind (or even enjoy) watching with your children?

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