Stephen King's top '07 tunes |


Stephen King's top '07 tunes

See which albums and songs the EW pop-culture columnist named as his favorites from the past 12 months

(Mark Liddell)

Stephen King’s top ‘07 tunes

The advice from my mother that I think of most often: ”If you can’t say something nice, just shut up and smile.” You might think of those words of wisdom, should you look for certain highly touted 2007 CDs below and not find them. In truth, your Uncle Stevie was disappointed with this year’s new music, very disappointed indeed, and his year-end list reflects that. I could only find seven albums I wanted to mention, but there is a bright side: I’ve added my favorite songs of the year. Download ‘em and burn your own CD, how about that? And if you think my list sucks, you can drop me a line on the message board. Or just shut up and smile. The latter option would probably be less trouble for both of us. Might I add, while I’m at it, that I’m haunted — as with the lists of movies and books that will follow in good time — by all the good stuff I may have missed? There’s just too much out there, and life is too short. But now, with no further ado…

7. Countrypolitan Favorites, Southern Culture on the Skids
Are you mourning Porter Wagoner? Still bumming over Buck (Owens, that is)? Here’s the perfect cheer-up medicine: 15 old-timey country faves, dressed up in rockin’ clothes courtesy of Rick Miller’s surf guitar. Best cut is probably ”Engine Engine #9,” with Rick Miller sounding eerily like the late great Roger Miller, but Mary Huff’s upbeat take on ”Rose Garden” (Lynn Anderson did the original) is also a marvel.

6. Revival, John Fogerty
A little uneven, and probably not his absolute best work, but still impossible not to turn up and dance to; this is straight-ahead old-school rock. Fogerty has stayed true to the swampy stuff he does the best, and on songs like ”Don’t You Wish It Was True” and ”Somebody Help Me,” he hits that ole Creedence groove dead-on (and Fogerty always was Creedence).

5. Black Rain, Ozzy Osbourne
It’s amazing that Ozzy can do this sort of thing at all anymore, let alone so well. Finest heavy metal record of the year; a true speaker-buster. Best track is the amazing ”I Don’t Wanna Stop.” Slipknot, eat your filthy little heart out.

4. It’s Not Big It’s Large, Lyle Lovett and His Large Band
This is a terrific Texas swing album, but of course not everybody likes Texas swing (or even knows what it is). What makes it special is Lovett’s vermouth-dry vocals and his equally dry wit. In the dry-wit department, check out ”All Downhill.”

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