Mandi Bierly
December 07, 2007 AT 09:45 PM EST

Earlier this week, Annie Barrett and I went to a preview performance of The Little Mermaid, which opens on Broadway Jan. 10. You can tell by the picture—Annie caught combing her hair with a dinglehopper large, plastic serving fork—that it had a lasting effect on us. We’re not allowed to review the show (since it’s still being fine-tuned), but here are a few of our freak-out moments:

Rollerskating fish. The Heelys folks provide footwear that allow the actors to glide across the stage as if they’re swimming.

Sebastian’s entrance. Watching the movie, we’d always had a sneaking suspicion that Ariel’s crabby (or lobstery?) friend was, in actuality, a black man with a vaguely Jamaican accent. Turns out, we were right. No crab suit involved here. It was more like a multi-tiered Project Runway “Crustacean Challenge.” Also, he had googly eyes above his forehead that were rather Cookie Monster-esque, or maybe we just thought that because Annie had Thin Mints in her bag.

• Prince Eric sang to us. Well, not intentionally. He was probably just directed to look in our general vicinity during his first solo, “Her Voice.” What he was really thinking was “Mandi and Annie’s Eyes.” 

• Unexpected Whoo-ing. During the curtain call, we found ourselves whooping it up, out of nowhere, for people who weren’t even our fave characters. Huh?

• Even more unexpected total delight at: Streamers. Self-explanatory. Streamers.

So, now do you feel like you’ve seen it?

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