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The 100 Greatest Websites

The best spots on the net for info, entertainment, and just plain wasting time.


Movie City News
Claiming to be “the home page of Hollywood,” this site complies news, features, and columns from all over the web.

Internet Movie Database
The unofficial bible of the entertainment world, and also the best way to cheat at the Kevin Bacon game.
Up-to-the-minute postings of recent movie trailers and exclusive clips and a convivial tone.

Dark Horizons
Dark Horizons
This movie fansite goes the extra mile with trailers, interviews, and more. It might feel a little geek-centric, but it’s got a pretty broad scope.
Everything you wanted to know about the venerable Chicago critic. Which is probably more than you wanted to know.

Eccentric Cinema
Eccentric Cinema
A veritable trash/treasure trove for die-hard genre buffs and cult-film fanatics.

You want a script, odds are, they’ve got it. The ultimate site for finding movie screenplays.

Empire Online
The UK’s Empire is what movie magazines want to be when they grow up: sharp, funny, and super-glossy. And their site isn’t half bad, either.

My Boring Ass Life
Writer-director-poker aficionado Kevin Smith travels in the inner workings of Hollywood, his sex life, and his diet on this confessional diary.

Box Office Mojo
The best online tracker of box office tallies, both foreign and domestic.
Wanna know what’s coming out when? Here are the studios’ release schedules for the next two years.

Rotten Tomatoes
This film review site has become ubiquitous in Hollywood’s inner circles. If cinema’s movers and shakers are concerned about how they score, you should too.

The Digital Bits
This authoritative DVD-centric site posts release dates and exhaustively reviews discs. They’ll also report back from the front lines of the Blu-Ray/HD format wars.

Movie List
A clearing house for movie trailers, both new and classic. Wanna see the promos for 48 HRS. and 300 and 2 Days in the Valley? Here’s your Final Destination. (Get it? Ah, the cleverness never stops.)

To err is human. To catalog thousands of film bloopers? Well that’s just straight-up divine.