EW Staff
December 21, 2007 AT 05:00 AM EST

Millions of viewers for Disney Channel’s High School Musical 2 premiere, a cable record beat four months later by ESPN’s Patriots-Ravens NFL game, which lured 17.5 million.

Percentage of The Office season premiere’s 10.8 million viewers who recorded the NBC comedy on DVR.

Percentage drop in viewers ages 18 to 49 for Fox’s American Idol season finale compared with last year’s.

Seconds the screen stayed black before the final credits began in the Sopranos finale.

Number of times CBS’ Viva Laughlin and Fox’s Nashville each aired before getting pulled.

Biggest Shake-Up
Whoopi taking over for Rosie on The View

You Call That a Shake-Up?
Tom Selleck taking over for James Caan on Las Vagas

Best Argument Against a Writers’ Strike
Big Shots

Lost‘s Paulo and Nikki Memorial ”Please Kill Off These Characters” Award
The gooey-eyed wonder twins on Heroes

Best Cutthroat Bitch
Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa Williams) on Ugly Betty

Honorable Mention
”Cutthroat Bitch” (Anne Dudek) on House

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