Mandi Bierly
December 27, 2007 AT 08:44 PM EST

The current love of my life is season 1 of Bones on DVD.

I never watched the show, now in its third season, until this fall when I began reading Abby West’s killer recaps, and we found ourselves discussing how David Boreanaz (pictured, with Emily Deschanel) is “so her type” — see also: Kiefer Sutherland and Brendan Fraser — over $3 mango margaritas. I bought the first season DVD yesterday, and seriously, is there anything better than sitting down with 22 episodes that you’ve never seen but know you’ll enjoy? I cleared Disc 1 in one sitting, and let me just say this: I realize that we saw Bones (Deschanel) in a Wonder Woman costume this year, but I’ve never been more aware of a woman’s breasts than I was of hers in the pilot. When does the Fox-iness subside?

What TV show are you currently killing hours with on DVD?

addCredit(“Bones: Everett Collection”)

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