Mandi Bierly
January 03, 2008 AT 05:15 PM EST

Good news: You’re not alone.

Here’s an email chain that started working its way through the EW TV department the afternoon of Jan. 1:

Henry Goldblatt: It’s the New Year, and I’m already committing my first sin: the Top Model marathon on VH1.* Someone please stage an intervention, I can’t stop watching.

Kristen Baldwin: Watched 4 episodes of the Eva Pigford season…in other news, I season-passed Biggest Loser Couples yesterday. Help me.

Missy Schwartz: I watched a Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency marathon (pictured, above)—twice. I’m pretty sure that’s worse.

Alynda Wheat: My mother and Iseriously debated the merits of filing an assault complaint againstyour model manager after Janice slapped her drunk himbo. My mother islitigious.

Lindsay Soll: One Tree Hill marathon on SoapNet. And Missy, I watched that, too—when she started the Latin division, ha!

Tim Stack: Keeping Up with the Kardashians (pictured, below) marathon! I’m obsessed with Chloe, the mannish daughter.

Jeff Jensen: Biggest Loser = me.

Time to join the fun: Which marathon hooked you Jan. 1?

*The America’s Next Top Model marathon continues today. So far, I’ve kept my New Year’s resolution of choosing the Discovery Channel over Top Model repeats. It was easy to do when I was watching Dirty Jobs‘ Mike Rowe clean up polar bear crap. How sad is that?

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