Virginia Sherwood
EW Staff
January 09, 2008 AT 05:00 AM EST

9-9:30 PM · Bravo · Debuts Oct. 7

CONCEPT The reality franchise about leisured ladies heads South.
THE SCOOP No shy Southern belles here. ”I’m like a black, female Simon Cowell,” says star NeNe. ”I tell it like it is.” Okay, NeNe — tell us about your fellow Housewives: ”Lisa’s the hustler; DeShawn is the peacemaker; Kim is an impulse shopper — and a backstabber; Sheree is a fashionista and a bitch.”
BOTTOM LINE NeNe swears they aren’t just drama queens. ”We’re all mothers.” Plus, ”You’ll see us do charity work.” We expect nothing less from hustlers, backstabbers, and bitches.

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