Genre: Fiction; Author: Jeff Garigliano; Publisher: MacAdam/Cage

Finding an unexpected niche between YA fiction, military fantasy, and chick lit for dudes, Dogface succeeds via a combination of snappy action and strong characterizations. Loren is a 14-year-old Green Beret wannabe; when he acts out, he’s shipped off to Camp Ascend!. Purportedly rehab for delinquent teens, the facility turns out to be a moneymaking scheme run by a con man and his family. Loren sniffs this out, and decides to rally his fellow detainees (a motley bunch, for sure) and break out. Jeff Garigliano’s debut should entertain anyone who’s ever pondered fleeing summer camp. Or, you know, breaking out of jail. B+

Originally posted January 11 2008 — 12:00 AM EST

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