Kate Ward
January 11, 2008 AT 05:00 AM EST

Miley Cyrus may be hogging the headlines with some risqué photos she took with a friend and those astronomically priced concert tickets, but we’re far more interested in Lesley. That’s the girl who’s name-checked in the addictive chorus of Cyrus’ peppy new track ”See You Again” (now at No. 48 and climbing on the Billboard 100): ”You asked what’s wrong with me/My best friend Lesley said, ‘Oh she’s just being Miley.”’ So who, exactly, is she singing about? For whatever reason, Cyrus’ publicity firm is being cagey about the identity of her mysterious 15-year-old pal. Still, we were able to dig up the following: Lesley Patterson has known the Hannah Montana star, 15, since the two met as 6-year-old cheerleaders in Tennessee. She’s not the gal featured in those racy pics, but she and Cyrus do have a particularly cool bond: Patterson’s mother works for Miley’s godmother, frequent Montana guest star Dolly Parton.

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