Kate Ward
January 18, 2008 AT 05:00 AM EST

Cash Back
THE MOVIE Three Federal Reserve employees dream up a wild plan to get rich by illegally profiting from the government.
THE CNBC SERIES One unreserved non-federal employee (Jim Cramer) dreams up wild plans to get rich by legally profiting from the stock market.

Unbalanced Accounts
THE MOVIE Bridget (Keaton) tends to scream at fellow characters — especially when questioned by her boss at the Fed.
THE CNBC SERIES Cramer tends to scream at his audience and guests, especially when he’s questioning the Fed’s judgment.

Flying Funds
THE MOVIE When the excited trio see that their heist is a success, they celebrate by hurling cash across a bedroom.
THE CNBC SERIES When the excited host hears a viewer mention his successful book, Stay Mad for Life, he hurls it across his set.

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