Sharp Teeth

Genre: Fiction, Mystery and Thriller; Author: Toby Barlow; Publisher: HarperCollins

Anthony, an L.A. dogcatcher, falls for a dame — who proves to be a werewolf. She’s fleeing a gang of ‘em, led by the lethal Lark, whose crew can also pass as ordinary mutts. Barlow gets inside the heads of these mutating canines as they plot against rival bands of lycanthropic hounds and murder innocent humans. It takes a while, but the love-addled Anthony finally smells something fishy — er, doggy — and tries to save his (love) life. I’ve saved the most piquant detail for last: Toby Barlow writes Sharp Teeth entirely in blank verse. Its suspenseful noir poetry gives his tale surprise and emotion. A-

Originally posted January 25 2008 — 12:00 AM EST

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