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''Idol'' week 2: Power rankings

See where singers from the San Diego and Charleston auditions fit on Michael Slezak's top 20, then pick your fave

David Archuleta, American Idol

1) Kristy Lee Cook
Gorgeous Oregonian’s ”Amazing Grace” was the hands-down highlight of week 1, but will an Internet backlash about her one-time deal with Arista Nashville cost her come American Idol voting season? (Last week: No. 1)

2) Michael Johns
Another of this season’s ”semi-pros” — his former band once had a deal with Madonna’s label — this Aussie made a strong impression with a tight T-shirt, toned biceps, and, oh yeah, a decent Otis Redding cover. (New this week)

3) Colton Swon
Stole his hairstyle from Kajagoogoo and his name from a daytime soap, but his impressive take on Little Big Town’s ”Boondocks” makes him a possible male counterpart to Carrie Underwood. (Last week: No. 2)

4) David Archuleta
Former Star Search winner who struggled with a paralyzed vocal chord botched his lyrics and hit a couple rough notes in his audition, but the judges loved him anyway. Of course, they loved Sanjaya once, too. (New this week)

5) Junot Joyner
Blink and you missed his brief audition clip, but if your ears were open, chances are you haven’t forgotten his strong, unfussy take on ”I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues.” (Last week: No. 3)

6) Carly Smithson
Another hopeful with prior experience — she flopped in her major-label debut as Carly Hennessy a few years back — this tattooed Irishwoman displayed power pipes on ”I’m Every Woman.” (New this week)

7) Drew Poppelreiter
Simon voted no and Paula saw ”no wow factor” in his George Strait cover, and yet he’s on to Hollywood — with loads of fan buzz. See what a piece of hay between the teeth and a couple glamour-tractor shots can do? (Last week: No. 6)

8) Kady Malloy
Simon dubbed her the best audition he’d seen this season after she belted out ”Unchained Melody” in week 1, and while we were more wowed by her spot-on Britney imitation, she finished second in our Week 1 reader poll. (Last week: No. 10)

9) Jeffery Lampkin
Still not sure of his solo vocal prowess, as he dueted with sister Michelle at his Charleston audition, but no one can top this flamboyant funnyman when it comes to personality. As Jeffery himself noted, he’s got the ”Owww factor!” Preach it! (New this week)

10) Amy Flynn
Abstinence advocate. Dance-team captain. And middling interpreter of Christina Aguilera ballads. We wish the judges had given this teen two more years to develop her vocals, but Idol’s never been a show to pass on polarizing contestants. (New this week)

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