Amy Ryan
February 06, 2008 AT 10:12 PM EST

Hillary Clinton isn’t really considering taking up an offer to two-step on the Dancing With the Stars tour, is she? Then again, no showbiz platform is beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate anymore, thanks to the slippery slope that began with her husband’s sax-tootling performance on Arsenio Hall 16 years ago. Who knows, maybe a twirl with the DWTS folks could help soften her image and give her the appearance of being a regular gal that she’s been trying so hard to convey. Maybe a steamy tango with Maks could get voters to stop thinking of Barack Obama (for a moment, at least) as the sexier Democrat.

Which politicians would you like to see on Dancing With the Stars? And which DWTS pros would you partner them with?

addCredit(“Hillary and Bill Clinton: Doug Mills/AP”)

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