Kate Ward
February 08, 2008 AT 05:00 AM EST

The good and the bad of Super Bowl ads

The Best
What do tires, Alice Cooper, and Richard Simmons have in common? Pretty much nothing, but that didn’t keep Bridgestone from grouping all three together in its hysterical ad.
Giant Stewie Griffin and Underdog parade balloons fight for a Coke — only to have lovable loser Charlie Brown sweep in for the soda, no doubt making them feel like major blockheads.

The Worst
Diet Pepsi Max
This painful A Night at the Roxbury -inspired ad fell flat, star-studded cameos and all. We’re not sure what’s less funny: Chris Kattan or the resurrection of a tired 10-year-old joke.
SoBe Life Water
SoBe Life Water landed Naomi Campbell for a spot and didn’t crack even one cell-phone joke? Instead, their ad featured the supermodel dancing with lizards to ”Thriller.” Huh?

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