Michael Slezak
February 15, 2008 AT 06:33 PM EST

The start of President’s Day weekend is just hours away, but before I can even begin to think about childproofing my apartment in anticipation of my two-year-old nephew Luke coming for a visit — last time around, the little imp went straight for the kitchen knives on our windowsill — there’s a long and beastly workday to get through. Clearly, this situation calls for a dose of Miss Jody Watley, in the form of her 1989 video for “Real Love.” Aside from that late-80s technique of flashing key lyrics on the screen, I’d say this one holds up pretty well (work that massive, feather-fringed on the runway, Jody!). So quit trying to resist, and press play. Before you know it, you’ll be four minutes closer to sliding down the dinosaur’s tail!

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