EW Staff
February 15, 2008 AT 05:00 AM EST

”One of Them” (2/15/06)
After Ben claims to be a stranded balloonist, Sayid administers a lie-detector test of punches and stomps.
High. The two-minute assault ends only when Jack drags Sayid away.

”Through the Looking Glass” (5/23/07)
Thinking that Ben ordered the shooting of three castaways, Jack tackles Ben by his throat and delivers nine brutal, bloody blows.
Extreme. Somebody get a doctor! (Er, not Jack.)

”The Beginning of the End” (1/31/08)
To shut Ben up after he refers to Alex as ”my daughter,” Rousseau delivers a swift backhand, leaving Ben spitting blood.
Low. You know that crazy Frenchwoman had more in her.

”Confirmed Dead” (2/7/08)
When Ben taunts Sawyer about Jack and Kate, the con man unleashes a perfect storm of knees and fists.
Medium. By now, anything short of a decapitation feels kind of wussy.

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