Clark Collis
February 22, 2008 AT 05:00 AM EST

Jon Lajoie is a 27-year-old troubadour who specializes in acoustic, James Blunt-sounding ballads. But instead of penning numbers about people being beautiful, Lajoie prefers to sing of drugs (”High as F—”), shooting Saint Nick in the back (”Cold Blooded Christmas”), and the fact that — despite the frayed psyche and weave — he’d still have sex with a certain troubled pop megastar (”Song for Britney”). His expletive-strewn comic tunes and their accompanying homemade videos, found at, have gained the Montreal native a massive Internet following over the past six months, ”It’s gotten crazy,” says Lajoie, whose day job is playing ”the English-speaking dude” on the French-Canadian dramedy L’Auberge du chien noir (The Black Dog Inn). ”Law firms e-mail me and say, ‘Oh, we sing your songs all day.”’

Lajoie also has celebrity fans. His spoof rap track ”Everyday Normal Guy” (sample lyric: ”If you want to mess with me, I think you probably can/Because I’m not confident and I’m weak for a man”) was recently Will Ferrell’s video pick on the comedian’s humor site. Funny or Die. ”His pieces kill,” adds Adam McKay, director of Anchorman and Ferrell’s Funny or Die partner. ”He’s one of the absolute best contributors on the site. He’ll either get his own show, get hired on Saturday Night Live, or start doing movies.” Indeed, EW talked to Lajoie just before he headed off to L.A., where he’s scheduled meetings with ”about 50 different groups of people,” he says. ”So the next interview I do, I’m going to be all coked up and a complete bastard.”

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