Tim Stack
February 22, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EST

On Feb. 18, ABC unveiled the newest C-listers hitting the ballroom for Dancing With the Stars‘ sixth season, and they basically make Joey Fatone look like Hollywood royalty. The underwhelming bunch includes apparent actress Shannon Elizabeth, Oscar winner Marlee Matlin (what series isn’t this woman on?), illusionist Penn Jillette, and radio host Adam Carolla. The casting of tennis champ Monica Seles holds promise — but only if her trademark grunt shows up during a Viennese waltz. For now, EW is officially throwing its support behind long-lost ’80s leading man Steve Guttenberg, an old pro who knows how to energize aging, stodgy things (see: Cocoon) and has a knack for making the most of corny material (see: the first four Police Academy movies).

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