Kate Ward
February 26, 2008 AT 09:31 PM EST

It’s been almost two months since the theatrical release of There Will Be Blood, and we’ve all heard enough “milkshake” jokes to make even the most hardcore of Daniel Day-Lewis (or Kelis) fans want to bang his or her head against the wall. But right when I was ready to file away the incredibly over-quoted “I drink your milkshake!” line (along with Brokeback’s “I wish I could quit you,” Titanic’s “I’m the king of the world!” and “This is pretty good watermelon” — ten points to whoever can name where that one’s from), Saturday Night Live had to air a brilliant sketch parodying the Oscar-nominated film and its infamous line.

The writing of the skit, however, isn’t what makes it insanely entertaining, as the script mostly borrows its lines from the film. The genius behind it is under-appreciated cast member Bill Hader, who delivers an uncanny impersonation of DDL’s Daniel Plainview (and, of course, I have to give props to Amy Poehler for her silent, semi-creepy portrayal of H.W.). Seriously, you could sub Hader into any scene from the film, and it would be difficult to tell the difference between him and the Oscar-winning actor. (Plus, it would be a good addition to grandpa’s grandchildren-infused movies — available at the store!)

Tell me, PopWatchers, do you want to see more from Bill Hader? And while we’re on the subject, what SNL celebrity impersonation do you prefer to the real deal (I, for one, would watch Fred Armisen’s Gene Simmons over the disturbing Kiss frontman and Family Jewels star any day)?

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