Cliff Lipson
EW Staff
March 09, 2008 AT 05:00 AM EDT

9-10 PM · CBS · Debuts Oct. 3

CONCEPT Bella (Grey’s Anatomy‘s erstwhile Ava, Elizabeth Reaser) is a single, marriage-yearning gal told by a psychic that she’s already met ”the one” — so she starts re-dating her exes.
THE SCOOP Based on an Israeli TV hit, Ex List is, Reaser says, ”very full of sex and a lot of naughtiness and stuff.”
BOTTOM LINE Going for humor and emotion, Ex is a jolly dramedy whose tone needs to jell, fast. The only-mild laughs here could be redeemed by the mixture of raunch (including multiple jokes about bikini waxing) and charm everyone seems to be aiming for, but we’re not sure we want to watch Bella dating a fella and then gabbing about it with her pals for an hour every week.

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