Cliff Lipson
EW Staff
March 09, 2008 AT 05:00 AM EDT

9-10 PM · CBS · Debuts Sept. 23

CONCEPT A bogus TV psychic (Simon Baker), whose family was offed by a serial killer, works for the California Bureau of Investigation, where he uses his people-reading skills to solve murders — and find the man who killed his wife and kid.
THE SCOOP Says Baker: ”If he has a flaw, it’s a compulsive nature to mess with people’s heads.”
BOTTOM LINE Okay, the premise sounds ridiculous, but the pilot was a fun, fast-paced treat, with a somber Robin Tunney (Prison Break) playing off Baker’s wacky, tortured hero. Baker has floated in and out of TV series, but he’s so charming here, we hope this one sticks.

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