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Boarding GateThe cult of Asia Argento has come...Boarding GateMystery and ThrillerPT106MRThe cult of Asia Argento has come...2008-03-19Magnet
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Boarding Gate

Genre: Mystery and Thriller; Starring: Asia Argento, Michael Madsen; Director: Olivier Assayas; Author: Olivier Assayas; Release Date Limited: 03/21/2008; Runtime (in minutes): 106; MPAA Rating: R; Distributor: Magnet

The cult of Asia Argento has come down to her being worshipped by half a dozen film critics each year at Cannes. She’s like a dirty yet blank Uma Thurman who ”smolders” instead of acts. In Boarding Gate, Olivier Assayas’ lifeless corporate-erotic ”thriller,” she plays a bad girl who’s dissolute one moment and wields a handgun like Ms. 45 the next. The character makes no sense, and neither does the film, which has a few choice scenes with Michael Madsen as a financier smirking as he goes down in flames but otherwise never achieves the mod muddle of Assayas’ Demonlover. This one is just murk. D+