Mandi Bierly
March 28, 2008 AT 11:06 PM EDT

Feeling exhausted because you stayed up too late the night before watching shows recorded to your TiVo or DVR. Commonly accompanied by the self-flagellation, “Why do I do this to myself?”

Origin: Wednesday morning, three blocks into my 12-block walk to work, I regretted staying up till 3 a.m. watching (or fast-forwarding through) four new-to-me Angel repeats, American Idol, the Dancing With the Stars results show, and a Bones rerun on TNT that, hello, I actually own on DVD. (But it was the season 1 Christmas episode where everyone gets quarantined in the Jeffersonian, and only Booth gets to enjoy the fun side effects of the antifungal cocktail they’re administered, as seen below.) Which is why I said to myself, as I was trudging, “I am exhaustivo.”

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