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'30 Rock': Meet DeBorah!

Who's that ''MILF Island'' scene-stealer? Actress Deidre Goodwin talks about filming last week's outrageous show-within-a-show

30 Rock

Has 30 Rock created a monster with MILF Island? Last week the Emmy-winning sitcom’s spoofy nod to trashy reality-TV contests — see the comments section of Jeff Labrecque's TV Watch if you need the acronym MILF explained! — had EW staffers abuzz, so we scoured the tropics to track down Deidre Goodwin, the guest star who played M.I. champ DeBorah with such absurdity and ferocity. Actually, the Oklahoma City native works mere blocks from EW’s NYC offices, performing the role of Sheila eight times a week in what Liz Lemon could hardly call ”lowest common denominator” entertainment: A Chorus Line. Here, the thirtysomething stage veteran (on Broadway, she’s danced with Chita Rivera and played Velma to Melanie Griffith’s Roxie in Chicago), who also has some pretty highbrow films on her résumé (Across the Universe, Half Nelson, and the Chicago film), recalls her down-and-dirty MILF Island experience.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Before the MILF Island shoot, were you able to read the whole 30 Rock episode? Did you know Jack Donaghy would be praising your character throughout?
DEIDRE GOODWIN: Yes. So that was pretty cool!

How was the shoot?
There was so much they didn’t really show. After I finished, I was exhausted, but I was so happy because I never had that much fun working. I literally came home and washed sand and bananas out of my hair. We did ridiculous things. There was a girl who ate a cockroach.

A real cockroach?
Well, they used chocolate cockroaches. But during a close-up, they made her hold a real one up to her lips. And then they didn’t even show that part! Poor thing. For me — you probably saw glimpses of this — there was a ”stick dance.” On set they’d told us my adversary was a very sweet girl, and I was [directed to be] raunchy, slapping my ass and everything. Then they had me shoot it again by myself. And you know that video by Whitesnake? I did that.

You did your best Tawny Kitaen?
Crawling, cooter slam, flipping the hair, the whole thing. It was awesome.

Should I ask the definition of ”cooter slam”?
Oh, a cooter slam is when you jump in the air, and you land into a split. You don’t just find the split. You jump in the air, open your legs, and…Slam!

Okay! Now DeBorah fans can look for that in the DVD deleted scenes.
We also did a tug-of-war with the little boys. And we had a relay race between the DeBorah character and another girl and me. We had boys on our back and we literally had to run while they were acting like we were horses…. My favorite scene was on the air so briefly: Another woman and I had to climb a rope, and we had to pick a banana, so we’re holding on to the rope with one arm and picking the banana with the other. We had to pick the banana, unpeel the banana, eat it all, toss the peel, and keep climbing up the rope. That was the funniest thing ever. It was really difficult, but it was so much fun I didn’t care. Oh, and that woman who burned her bra? She was topless for real — but she did it with her back to the little boys so they didn’t see.

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