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'Lost' (S4): The show is back!

With a little help from Josh Holloway, Jorge Garcia, and Michael Emerson, Doc Jensen teases tonight's return episode, looks ahead to the season finale, and breaks out his ''Lost'' dictionary to define the words ''Dharka'' and ''Basra''

‘Lost’ (S4): The show is back!

In which we preview tonight’s episode of Lost — the first of five installments to air over the next six weeks — with a cryptic bit or two from executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof.

This week, something special as we celebrate the return of Lost from its strike-induced spring break: We’re going audiovisual with a video tease. Check out this clip, in which ”Darlton” preview tonight’s episode, ”The Shape of Things to Come,” with a little help from friends Michael Emerson, Josh Holloway, and Jorge Garcia. (By the way, don’t let the fact that I interviewed the producers on April Fool’s Day scare you. Everything they say is legit. I think.)

To their tease, I would add this: ”The Shape of Things to Come” also happens to be the title of a famed H.G. Wells book, which also spawned a movie written by the author called, more simply, Things to Come. When I asked the producers what the episode and Wells’ work have in common, they said it basically boils down to one word:


I leave it to you to investigate further for now. Tune in tomorrow for my recap, in which I’ll offer my highly theoretical and mildly incoherent two cents.


A couple weeks ago, I teased tonight’s episode — and my recent feature story about Lost — with a single, silly word: Dharka. I asked you guys for guesses, and you responded with some interesting theories. By far the most popular was this one from reader Jason Hollen:

Dharka is a word in the language Urdu, which is the national language of Pakistan, meaning alarm. So, the reference refers both to the fact that Locke camp is being attacked and also that the flash-forward takes place in the Mideast. The coming war will be set up with a Mideast war zone and the burning of one of the barrack houses. My first thought was Dharma in Tunisia, but I don’t believe that to be right now. Also, it would be a nice play on words for Dharma and Karma.”

What I love about this guess is that it sounds perfectly plausible and utterly relevant while also being not at all what I intended and therefore, technically, ”wrong.” (Now I know what the producers must feel like when they read some of our theories. Emphasis on ”some.”)

No, folks, the correct answer comes from the tag-team tandem of ”ErasedSlate” and ”JimmyJamz,” who pooled their powers to win my Doc Jensen No Prize. To be clear, it was Jimmy who guessed it and Erased who pitched it after reading it on another message board; my understanding is that these guys don’t even know each other. You gotta love the Internet. And so it goes that last week, I got the following e-mail from Mr. Slate:

”So, is Dharka a Dharma Parka?”

DING! DING! DING! You are correct, sir(s)! To elaborate on the opening paragraph of my on-the-set report, I spent St. Patrick’s Day at a broiling rock quarry where Lost was shooting a scene in which Ben makes a trip to a Middle Eastern desert in the flash-forward future. But for some reason, he’s wearing a warm winter parka bearing a Dharma Initiative logo. Don’t ask me: I’m sworn to secrecy about the specifics…but I’ll give you another tease. Ready? Here it is:

Double-Crossing Telescopic Two-for-One Ass Whooping!

The answer is so spoiler sensitive, I won’t be able to reveal it until tomorrow’s recap, although by then I’m sure you’ll have figured it out, as you, too, will have seen what I have seen. And what I’ve seen? Kick-ass. I think this wait will be worth it.

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