First Look: Spider-Man's new enemy! |


First Look: Spider-Man's new enemy!

An early peek at Venom's latest look and other storylines that Spidey will be spinning this summer. Plus: reviews of two new comics

There comes a time when even a storied supervillain needs a do-over, and that moment has arrived for Spider-Man arch-nemesis Venom. Well, sorta. The extraterrestrial symbiote — which most famously glommed onto embittered Spider-friend Eddie Brock — is classically depicted as a onyx-colored, cuspated shape-shifter. But Marvel decided the dude needed to lighten up, so they created an additional symbiote as a visual foil to their old standby: Here’s your first glimpse at the new, angelically hued…Anti-Venom.

What the heck’s an Anti-Venom? We’ll find out when The Amazing Spider-Man No. 568 — the first of a pivotal six-issue arc called ”New Ways to Die,” written by Dan Slott (Avengers: The Initiative) and illustrated by John Romita Jr. (Daredevil: The Man Without Fear) — hits stores in August.

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