Kate Ward
May 02, 2008 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Details about next season’s Office spin-off are as hard to find as a working printer. But with Ed Helms and Amanda Peet rumored to join, we’ll make our own hiring suggestions.

Rob Huebel
Human Giant‘s Huebel was so hysterical as the host of 30 Rock‘s ”MILF Island” that he convinced us he could hold his own on a network sitcom — and even steal the show. We see him as a brownnosing salesman who loves Dane Cook, Dave & Buster’s, and, of course, women of a certain age.

Jane Lynch
Take the actress’ wacky Mighty Wind brilliance, add her 40 Year-Old Virgin cougar’s unabashed inappropriateness, and you’d get the show’s anti-Pam: a mysterious, lascivious receptionist who’s a paper pusher by day, rabid cult leader by night. And throw a pinch of sexual confusion into the mix for good comedic measure.

Aasif Mandvi
No Office spin-off would be complete without some sort of awkward racial stereotyping. So who better to bear the brunt of the humiliation than Indian Daily Show correspondent Mandvi? We’re sure the new office would need a good-hearted but dispirited accountant coping with Diversity Day 2.0.

Rachael Harris
The criminally underused Notes From the Underbelly comedian would be the perfect sharp-witted antidote to a staff of company drones. As the office’s overworked, perpetually single, Ivy-educated manager, she’d speed-date on her lunch break when not eating her feelings — and the Jell-O encasing her stapler.

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