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Hollywood's boys rule

Hollywood's boys rule -- A look at how scandals hurt Lindsay Lohan but helped Shia LaBeouf's career

Today’s young stars are experts at scandal, but when the public starts to tut-tut, the ladies pay a bigger price.

Vanessa Hudgens apologized after a nude shot hit the Web last year, while Pete Wentz got away with warning fans against taking risqué photos after his own pics leaked in 2006.

When Lindsay Lohan re-created a topless Marilyn Monroe photo shoot for New York magazine, the website received millions of hits — and so did her struggling career. Yet frenzied fans snapped up tickets to see Daniel Radcliffe get naked in Equus.

Sundance 2007: Dakota Fanning’s Hounddog — featuring the actress in a rape scene — bows amid a public outcry and calls for an investigation. Sundance 2008: Audiences shrug off a sex scene in The Wackness that involves Nickelodeon star Josh Peck (Drake & Josh).

Blogs went nuts over video of a slurring Ashlee Simpson at a Canadian McDonald’s in 2005. But after Shia LaBeouf was arrested for allegedly refusing to leave a Chicago drugstore in 2007? Lots of talk about his supercute mug shot. Oh, and the charges were dropped. — Adam Markovitz and Kate Ward

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