Tim Stack and Kate Ward
May 16, 2008 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Loyal. Bitchy. Impeccably dressed. Stanford and Anthony have everything a City girl needs.

Willie Garson
The 44-year-old actor plays the ying to Carrie’s yang as Stanford Blatch, her gay best friend always up for a cosmo and a quip.
On our ”Sex”-crazed culture
”Certainly in New York, there was nothing like it. It was like being on the Yankees. We were hometown heroes.”
Favorite Episode
”A very classic Sex and the City episode [is season 4’s ”The Real Me”]. There were models, there were famous people, there was drinking. That was such a monster episode.”
Strange Fan Encounter
”It’s hard to lock down a street, so some homeless guy would walk up in the middle of the scene and ask you for a quarter.”
On hitting the big screen
”[Shooting the film] was literally like we went to lunch and came back from lunch. Basically, the direction was ‘Action’ and ‘Cut,’ because you don’t have to work on relationships, you don’t have to work on characters. It’s just ‘Oh, here we are.”’

Mario Cantone
The comic, 48, was first cast as Charlotte’s wedding planner, but Anthony Marentino evolved into her personal stylist and more.
On our ”Sex”-crazed culture
”You go to Italy and people are talking to you in Italian and pantomiming a TV box and pointing at you. It’s so weird.”
Favorite episode
”My favorite moment is when Charlotte first introduces me to Stanford [in ‘The Real Me’]. The look on my face…. I’m horrified but I’m also saddened by it.”
Strange fan encounter
”The men are always like, ‘My girlfriend loves you.’ And I’m like, ‘And you? And what about you?”’
On hitting the big screen
”Do you want them to come kill me? Do you want me to be blacklisted in Hollywood? I did 10 days on it and I have lots of chunks of funniness throughout it. It was a blast. It happened very quickly. I was just glad to be a part of it.”

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