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''Sex and the City'' Q&A: Kim Cattrall

The woman behind Samantha Jones addresses reports that she held up the movie version, explains the key to understanding her bawdy character, and more

Kim Cattrall, Sex and the City

Kim Cattrall’s bawdy Samantha Jones — the woman who definitely put the most sex in Sex and the City — returns in the highly anticipated big-screen update on May 30. We caught up with Cattrall to talk about why she can’t bear to watch the syndicated episodes, what popular storyline she was initially skeptical about, and how she coped with those ”devastating” rumors that she was to blame for a 2004 movie attempt falling apart.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did it feel to go back to Samantha?
Really, really exciting. The first day of shooting was beyond anything that I had ever witnessed. A girlfriend came to visit me on the set and she nudged me and said, ”You guys are the Beatles!” On both sides of the street, in the middle partition of Park Avenue where we were filming, it was standing room only. All the plants were being crushed, people were yelling our names, our characters’ names, Pat Field’s name… It was like they were in on something that they thought had passed and that they would only dream about or watch on DVD, and now they were part of it as well. It was really exciting. Getting back into shape with those high heels — that was the only not-fun part about it. At night, the goddamn balls of my feet were throbbing.

What, you don’t always walk around in 5-inch heels?
Does anybody? [Laughs] I certainly don’t. There might be somebody somewhere, but boy, are they gonna have back problems.

When the movie came back around, what was your reaction? Had you been missing Samantha, and thinking about it?
Well, you know, I had been missing New York, because in the four years that we were not doing the series, I was spending a lot of time at home with my family. My dad was diagnosed with dementia, which was really tough. And I felt that because of the schedule and the way my life had started to become, being a part of the series and playing the character, I didn’t have a lot of downtime, and I got sort of separated from my family. My marriage was also… I was going through a divorce, which was really tough. So I look back four years ago and it felt so much different. I didn’t have a lot of perspective on it [then], but when I got that phone call, I thought, I can’t believe this! It was kind of exciting to think that I would be back in New York, to think that the four of us would be strapped into the Manolo Blahniks and we were going to be playing those characters again.

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