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The StrangersCrashing at a suburban ranch house, a couple (Liv...The StrangersHorrorCrashing at a suburban ranch house, a couple (Liv...2008-05-29

(Glenn Watson)

The Strangers

Genre: Horror; Starring: Scott Speedman, Liv Tyler; Director: Bryan Bertino; Author: Bryan Bertino; Release Date Wide: 05/30/2008

Crashing at a suburban ranch house, a couple (Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman) is menaced by a trio of masked psychos. It sounds stupid enough, and ultimately is, but the director, Bryan Bertino, stages The Strangersā€™ early scenes with spooky panache. The first killer, in his burlap disguise, creeps into the painterly, low-lit frame with ghostly quiet; for a while, the fear is vivid in a J-horror knockoff way. But then comes the blood, the shrieking midnight chase scenes, the anything-goes over-the-top-ness. In other words, everything that we liked the movie for not being. B-

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