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The StrangersCrashing at a suburban ranch house, a couple (Liv...The StrangersHorrorCrashing at a suburban ranch house, a couple (Liv...2008-05-29

(Glenn Watson)

The Strangers

Genre: Horror; Starring: Scott Speedman, Liv Tyler; Director: Bryan Bertino; Author: Bryan Bertino; Release Date Wide: 05/30/2008

Crashing at a suburban ranch house, a couple (Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman) is menaced by a trio of masked psychos. It sounds stupid enough, and ultimately is, but the director, Bryan Bertino, stages The Strangers’ early scenes with spooky panache. The first killer, in his burlap disguise, creeps into the painterly, low-lit frame with ghostly quiet; for a while, the fear is vivid in a J-horror knockoff way. But then comes the blood, the shrieking midnight chase scenes, the anything-goes over-the-top-ness. In other words, everything that we liked the movie for not being. B-