Jennifer Armstrong
May 30, 2008 AT 04:00 AM EDT

By season’s end, Grey’s Anatomy performed the TV equivalent of miracle surgery: implanting renewed likability in characters who’d seemed beyond saving just last fall. We diagnose how Seattle Grace’s most dire cases pulled through.

Meredith Grey
Why We Hated Her
Daddy and Mommy didn’t love her, so she couldn’t love Derek! All the whining had us hating McDreamy, too, for putting up with her.
Why We Love Her
Resolved hang-ups (thanks, hospital shrink!), that candlelit climactic grand gesture…”dark and twisty” no more!

George O’Malley
Why We Hated Him
He blamed everyone else for his problems — which was funny since they stemmed from his failure on the residency exam and his cheating with Izzie.
Why We Love Him
Bantering with the chief, looking after Bailey’s kid — that’s a guy we can cheer for.

Izzie Stevens
Why We Hated Her
She insisted on stealing George from Callie, then wallowed in self-pity when it didn’t work out. Why We Love Her
She’s quit obsessing about her personal life and taken charge as a professional, making her the kind of grown-up doctor we actually admire.

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