Aubry D'Arminio
May 30, 2008 AT 04:00 AM EDT


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Meryl Streep

We gave it a D

Holocaust, NBC’s attempt to turn one of mankind’s greatest atrocities into The Forsyte Saga or Rich Man, Poor Man, scored with Emmy voters in 1978. Today, in its DVD debut, it reeks of exploitation. Streep is the Catholic daughter-in-law of a Jewish doctor whose wife refuses to leave Germany; Michael Moriarty is the ex-patient (now an ambitious SS officer) who turns against them. The dialogue ranges from trite to plain silly (Mom: ”We will survive. This is the country of Beethoven, Schiller, and Mozart.” Dad: ”Unfortunately, none of them are in office right now”). Read Elie Wiesel’s Night instead. EXTRAS None. D

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