Everett Collection
Jessica Shaw and Lindsay Soll
May 30, 2008 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Played by Chris Noth

Who knew all those years ago, when Big stopped on the street to help Carrie pick up the strip of condoms that had fallen out of her purse, that one of the great television romances was about to begin? He was retro to her trendy; cigar-chomping to her cigarette-puffing; smug to her soulful. Granted, Big was difficult, cocky, and had a phobia of the C-word (easy, Samantha, we mean ”commitment”). But he was also the guy who scored a horse-drawn carriage to take Carrie to the hospital when Miranda was giving birth, the ex who brought a bouquet of red balloons on her otherwise horrible 35th birthday, and the guy who came to his senses (finally!) and ventured off to Paris in the very last episode to tell Carrie once and for all that she’s ”The One.”

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