Lynette Rice
July 11, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EDT

‘Big Brother’ baddies

The 10th season of CBS’ Big Brother (beginning July 13, 8 p.m.) will surely bring more rude and crude contestants. But how will they compare to former heinous housemates on the BB jerk-o-meter?

Ivette (BB6)

Her foul mouth and constant threat to go ”Cuban” — code for raging lunatic — were almost as irritating as her (false) belief that America loved her.

Redeeming Quality

At least she was loyal to her Nerd Herd.

Shannon (BB2)

Scrubbed the toilet with enemy Hardy’s toothbrush and mocked a housemate’s eating disorder by leaving an empty chip bag on her pillow.

Redeeming Quality

Loved Dr. Will almost as much as we did.

Mike ”Boogie” (BB2, BB7)

Cruelly seduced and professed his love to increasingly smitten co-finalist Erika, all while secretly trashing her in the diary room.

Redeeming Quality

The savvy restaurateur actually had a life outside the house.

”Evel” Dick(BB8)

The smug, name-dropping Tommy Lee wannabe spewed misogynistic, expletive-fueled attacks on just about everybody in the house he didn’t spawn.

Redeeming Quality

Uh…we got nothing.

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