Download This: July 18, 2008 |


Download This: July 18, 2008

This week's hot tracks from Madonna, Lil Wayne, Gavin DeGraw, and Girl Talk

''Beat Goes On''
Twisty synths from the Neptunes, slick boasts from Kanye West, and Madge commanding her subjects to get up and groove. Resist that trifecta at your own risk!

Lil Wayne
''Phone Home''
”I am a Martian,” confides Weezy on this extraterrestrial-themed banger. Fair enough: Who on earth would think of a rhyme as gloriously silly as ”I’m rare/Like Mr. Clean with hair”?

Girl Talk
''Hands in the Air''
T-Pain and Flo Rida’s staccato ”Low” shouts and the Velvet Underground’s delicate ”Sunday Morning” lullaby blend into a cheeky mix with sundry other samples. (Choose your price at

Gavin DeGraw
''Cop Stop''
”Baby, I’m a cop/Stop, put up your hands!” Okay, so it’s not the most romantic line imaginable, but the upstate New Yorker’s aw-shucks vocals and loose-jointed piano arrangement make this one a winner.