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'Big Brother': Exit Q&A with Brian

Brian Hart was way too arrogant, way too early, and he paid for it by becoming the first to get booted from 'Big Brother 10'

Big Brother

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s clear something up first. You have watched this show before, right?
BRIAN HART: I watched season 7.

You obviously behaved a little too arrogantly a little too soon. Were you caught up in the whole idea of being on this show?
When I went in, I was really expecting to see some sort of opposition grow. I built an army with no one to fight! In season 7, everybody walked in and went at it. It was game on. A lot of my personality is the same way. But everybody wanted to sit around and see what happens. I packed three weeks of game play into seven days.

It appears that Libra was the first one to detect your influence in the house. Did you suspect that she’d be the one to call you out?
Later on in the week I did. At first, I wasn’t too sure about her. During the nomination process, I saw her cry. But I realized later in the week that once she saw someone else trying to make moves, her true personality came out. Mamma wants to do this and Mamma wants to tell everybody that! She didn’t like the fact I was having people do things that I wanted.

Why did you align with Dan and Ollie so quickly?
At first, there was something about Ollie that I was attracted to: he immediately had a connection to April, which would have been beneficial to me later on. And Dan was someone you knew you could trust. He was there as a Catholic school teacher with a girl back home who was wary about his actions. He could be a very great asset.

What were your first thoughts about Jerry? Did you think his age made him an easy target to manipulate?
I didn’t know I could manipulate him because old guys are so set in their ways. When I first knew how easy he would be to manipulate was when I requested that he not nominate Dan and Ollie and that he nominate who I would nominate. But I was completely fooled by his whole Marine Corps, swearing-to-tell-the-truth thing. I thought there was no way an old guy who went to war overseas was going to go against his word.

How long do you think he’ll last?
A while, though everybody wants to win the money while Jerry just wants to be there one or two weeks. He says that he’s having so much fun and he just wants to make it to the jury house. It’s very apparent he’s just there for the experience.

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