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Katherine Heigl's 'Grey' matter

Why slam an actress for (gasp) speaking her mind? Aren't there enough boring stars?

Katherine Heigl

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Katherine Heigl’s ‘Grey’ matter

Could there be a worse career move for an actress than telling the truth? The strange case of Katherine Heigl makes me wonder. Heigl, who won an Emmy last fall for Grey's Anatomy, is not among this year’s nominees. And given the tempest in the infotainment teapot caused by her decision to exclude herself from contention, you’d think she had beaten up Dakota Fanning.

I first learned about Heigl’s choice when I saw the AOL News headline ”’Grey’s’ Beauty Has Ugly Mouth.” (Yes, I clicked on it. Why? Because I’m an idiot. Last week, I also clicked on the headline ”Thousands Prepare for End of World,” because I have a vacation coming up.) Anyway, ”Ugly Mouth” led me to the portal of celeb-news hell known as TMZ, which shouted ”Paging Dr. Ungreytful — Get Off Your Heigl Horse!”

Other than the fact that TMZ’s headline writer needs to enter Pun Rehab immediately, what are we to make of this? ”Watch and cringe,” warned the link to a video in which Heigl explained, laughing a little, ”I didn’t feel like I had any material that was worthy to submit…that I thought was any good,” and added that she didn’t want to take a slot from an actress whose work was more deserving (including, presumably, her own costars).

Obeying TMZ, I did indeed cringe — but not at Heigl. This ”interview” was conducted by some backward-walking cameraman and reporter who were just waiting until she committed a foolhardy gaffe: She exited a building — breaching the celebrity airlock! — and walked to her car. Perhaps it’s my New York upbringing, but I’ve always believed that when a stranger in your path starts interrogating you about your life choices, the proper response is something between ”Get the $&%# out of my way” and ”No, I really don’t want a Dianetics pamphlet.”

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