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'Project Runway' exit Q&A: Wesley Nault

Season 5's second cast-off talks about leaving his fate (and fabric choice) in the hands of a model, trying to mix mint green and brown, and Tim's new mood

Project Runway

Oh Wesley, we hardly knew ye. The soft-spoken 23-year-old Marc Jacobs alum and FIT graduate was sent home last night after judge Nina Garcia deemed the short, ill-fitting, eco-friendly minidress he sent down the runway ”tacky.” Somewhat recovered from the auf-ing after watching the show last night, Wesley Nault took the time to call up EW to tell us what went wrong, how Tim’s getting tough, and his plans for a future clothing line (hint: it involves another contestant!).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Wesley! How are you feeling today?
WESLEY NAULT: As good as I could, I guess.

Did you watch the show last night?
Yeah. I was dreading watching it. But when I finally did watch it, it wasn’t so bad.

So what happened?
Oh, the minute I opened that bag of fabric, my heart sunk, and I was like, ”What am I going to do?” So I just kind of psyched myself out from the beginning, and it just wasn’t my finest hour.

Why was the fabric so bad?
I asked my model — we had 30 seconds before they ran out the door to go buy the fabric for us — I was like, ”Just buy a lot of fabric.” And she came back with the same fabric in two different colors of very limited yardage. So I didn’t have a lot to play with. She came back with this mint green color and this chocolate brown color. If I were to use them together, it would just look like a mint-chocolate-chip ice cream. I wasn’t going to use both of them together, and I think that was a good choice; however, that meant that I didn’t have a lot of fabric to work with. So that was my biggest problem. And if you make a mistake early on, you’re very limited on time, and you don’t really have a chance to go back and correct it.

So did your model feel bad about the fabrics?
I tried to not let her know how nervous I was about it. So I don’t think she really knew that I was really struggling with her fabric choices.

So you knew you were in trouble right away, huh?
Yeah. I was a little hesitant when she left too because she made a comment right before she left that made me so nervous.

What did she say?
She actually said, when they said it was a green challenge and they’d be picking out green fabrics, ”That’s perfect. My eyes are green.” And I was like, [Gasp!]. This is green eco-friendly, not green the color! So I just looked at her blinking and was like, ”What?”

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