Kate Ward
July 24, 2008 AT 04:45 PM EDT

Two things running through my mind at the moment: 1) Why construction workers outside my apartment chose to wake me up this morning by blasting Chris Isaak, of all people, and 2) I don’t know the first thing about fashion (as evidenced by the ratty jeans and white wife beater combo I’ve picked out for today, because, come on, someone needs to be prepared to Popozao with K-Fed). Why am I questioning my own iffy fashion sense—and making two-year-old jokes—you ask? Because I’m currently looking through Project Runway prodigy (and Ausiello TV guest) Christian Siriano’s gasp-worthy new line, which finally debuted on <a href=”http://www.bluefly.com/pages/browse/list.jsp?FOLDERfolder_id=2093624893″>Bluefly.com.

The collection features a lot of what we’d expect from Christian: tailored jackets, chic blouses and puffy sleeves galore. The prices, however, are steep—a T-shirt costs $96 (still cheaper than a $125 tank from the Lauren Conrad collection!)—but it’s worth sacrificing three weeks of meals  for his gorgeous $305 Park Ave shirt dress, right? The other two problems with the line? 1) Those ridiculous skinny jeans, which I’m assuming will only attract one shopper (see: Beckham, Victoria), and 2) The fact that there are zero accessories to be featured on the Bluefly.com accessory wall! Good thing my sources tell me Siriano lives down the block from my East Village apartment, so I can stalk track him down to discuss these lapses in judgment.

Thoughts on Siriano’s collection, PopWatchers? (<a href=”http://www.bluefly.com/pages/custom/custom.jsp?FOLDERfolder_id=2093624493″>Click here to see it for yourself.) And are you impressed I wrote a whole post about the catchphrase-spouting kid without ever mentioning his favorite F word?

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