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July 28, 2008 AT 06:43 PM EDT

Whether you loved or hated Wanted — our own Lisa Schwarzbaum gave it a B — you’ve got to admit the movie put the ‘rage’ in outrageous. And yeah, I know that doesn’t really make sense, but neither did most of the film. Anyhow, I finally got around to seeing the James McAvoy-Angelina Jolie action vehicle over the weekend, and as the (undeniably enjoyable) ridiculata piled up, I began to formulate the following quiz in my head. (I’ve placed it after the jump, to protect the spoiler-phobes among you.)–Michael Slezak

The most ridiculous plot point in Wanted involved:

A. Morgan Freeman’s character translating binary code spat out by the”Loom of Fate” to determine which global bad guys were up forassassination.
B. A magical wax bath healing (overnight!) the injuriesMcAvoy sustained after colliding face-first with a cement overpassduring a rousing game of subway surfing.
C. McAvoy’s character using a dump truck full of peanut butter tocapture a small army of rats-cum-suicide-bombers.
D. Multiple characters surviving (practically unscathed) after theirtrain car plummeted several thousand feet off a bridge and then wedgeditself between the narrowing rock edges of an Eastern European canyon.
E. A shrill female character cheating on the hotness that is JamesMcAvoy.
F. Other. [Fill in your option in the comments section below.]

I know,I know, I didn’t leave you the choice of “all of the above,” but thatwould be too easy. Now quit procrastinating and answer the questionalready!

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