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TV FunhouseAfter the success of Saturday Night Live's ...TV FunhouseCartoons/Animation, Comedy12/06/2000After the success of Saturday Night Live's ...2008-07-30
TV Funhouse

TV Funhouse

Genre: Cartoons/Animation, Comedy; Series Premiere: 12/06/2000; Broadcaster: Comedy Central; Status: In Season

After the success of Saturday Night Live’s ”TV Funhouse” segments, Robert Smigel hatched this short-lived, off-color variety show, which approximates Pee-wee's Playhouse minus all good vibes. The conceit: Host Doug Dale gamely introduces each episode’s theme, then his foulmouthed ”anipals” abandon him for, say, a cockfight or a brothel. Onslaughts of scatological and sexual humor follow. Pitch-perfect cartoon parodies like ”Fetal Scooby-Doo” and ”Wonderman” might attract tykes, but beware: Even the EXTRAS — blue episode commentaries and outtakes — are strictly adults-only fare. B