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Would you rather 'Eat, Pray, Love' or 'Drink, Play, F@#k'?


Drinkplayfck_lElizabeth Gilbert’s best-selling novel Eat, Pray, Love, which details the writer’s quest to find happiness in the wake of a difficult divorce, has seemingly clung to the New York Times’ bestseller list for more weeks than there are beads on the author’s Japa Mala prayer necklace. But now it has a rival, and a rival that could potentially make it to the big screen first. Warner Bros has just acquired the rights to Drink, Play, F@#k, the comedic salvo to Gilbert’s self-help manifesto. Drink, by funnyman Andrew Gottleib, tells the fictional story of Bob Sullivan, a man who, after his wife leaves him, “goes on a bender in Ireland, takes a gambling jaunt to Las Vegas, and a embarks on a sex-tourism trip to Thailand.”

Drink isn’t out until next year (on Grove Press), while the filmic production of Eat, starring Julia Roberts, is already underway. But we pop-culture seers at EW predict an inevitable battle of morals that eclipses even the battle of the sexes: those who buy into Gilbert’s brand of spiritual succor, or those would rather tango with a succubus (while ripped to the gills, naturally).

Which leads me to ask you this, PopWatchers: Would you rather see the big-screen version of the polarizing Eat, Pray, Love or Drink, Play, F@#k; and if it’s the latter, who would you cast as the lead? (I personally see Vince Vaughn, pictured, in the role, but feel free to get creative here).

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