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'SYTYCD' Q&A: Winner Joshua Allen

The 19-year-old Texan took the top prize in season 4, and now he takes a few minutes to answer our burning questions about pre-show training, his plans (look out, Usher), and his now famous derriere

So You Think You Can Dance

(Kelsey McNeal)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Are you exhausted?
JOSHUA ALLEN: Um…yeah, I am, but…

What have you been up to since last night?
Just really nothing, ha, got a little bit of rest. Now I’m just…doing interviews [Laughs].

One of the biggest questions that we — and our readers — have is about your training. What kind of formal training did you have before the show?
I took a few modern dance classes, ballet classes, because I felt that to be a better dancer I would have to take different classes, and, you know, expand my horizons in the art of dance. I didn’t want to audition for the show not knowing anything. Dallas was [early in the auditions], and after I made it to Vegas — there were months before we actually went — I took as many classes as I could. I really wasn’t that technically trained. I would just try to take classes in the summer, and when it was school time I would take class, run track, play football. I would always just train in the summer. So it was never hard training. It wasn’t like William or Mark or Matt. I knew what it was, I knew kind of what to do, but I wasn’t trained in it.

I think it was just that you picked up the different choreography so easily, you were so natural, that everyone was like, What? What has he been doing?! Was it more difficult for you to pick up the choreography because you had less training?
Yes. It was so difficult a lot of times, but the main thing about performing is that you have to make it look easy.

Now that you won, what is going to be your biggest splurge?
I have no idea. I want to save [the $250,000 prize] and have it grow. I’m going to move out to L.A., of course, and follow my career.

When you go out and audition, do you think you’ll do mostly hip-hop or can you see yourself doing contemporary or ballroom?
Why not? Why not try everything? Why be this one-dimensional dancer, why not audition for everything you can? As long as you believe you can do it then you can do it.

A lot of the past winners have gone on tour with musicians, do you see yourself doing that?
I want to work with Michael Jackson. I would love to work with Omarion, Chris Brown, Usher. I love Ludacris; he’s one of my favorite rappers. Lil Wayne is another one of my favorite rappers. And I would love to do tracks with them. I don’t want to be in the background! I want to be in the front!

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