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'NCIS' Exclusive: Meet Gibbs' New Team!

Ncis_lDon’t look for any drawn out House-style auditions when it comes time for NCIS to restock Gibbs’ threadbare team this fall. When the hit procedural kicks off its sixth season on Sept. 23, the replacements for McGee, DiNozzo, and Ziva will have already been chosen. And if the photo to the left wasn’t enough of a clue, at least two of the new recruits will look very familiar to NCIS fans.

Sources confirm that newcomer Jonathan Magnum (far left) will join previous NCIS guest stars Liza Lapira (center) and Jonathan LaPaglia (far right) in filling the void left by Michael Weatherly, Sean Murray and Cote de Pablo – all of whom were reassigned in the finale (but who will remain with the show nonetheless).

Although the length of the new hires’ tour of duty remains top-secret (they’re being billed as recurring players), I’ve been assured by the TPTB at NCIS that disposable plot devices they are not. To that end, I took advantage of my Level III security clearance and gathered some highly classified intel on special agents Keating, Lee, and Langer. Herewith are some highlights:

* Highly
skilled in computer technology. Has an extensive background in solving
cyber crime, including recent ring of computer intrusions in the DC
metropolitan area.
* Needs improvement in field work; he lacks hands-on experience in the field. His communication skills are also lacking.

* NCIS legal division transfer.
* Pursued career as field agent following her stint with Gibbs and team in 2006-2007
* Transfer was delayed due to average assessment from Gibbs.
Strong analytical thinker with extensive knowledge of both domestic and
international law. However, has developed a structured form of
methodical investigation. Needs to be more creative in examination and
implementation when research leads to legal or physical road blocks. 
* Not in file: She had a secret love affair with one Jimmy Palmer. It’s still a secret to the agency, so shhhhh!

* FBI agent with 10-plus years of field work.
* Recommended and referred to NCIS by Gibbs.
Previously worked with NCIS and Gibbs on joint NCIS/FBI case involving
the death of Marine near a Mosque under FBI surveillance for suspicion
of domestic terrorism.
* Skilled liaison between external agencies.
* Excellent investigation skills.
* Shows leadership potential.

So what do you think? Are Keating, Lee, and Langer NCIS-worthy?
Are you hesitant to get too attached since it’s probably only a matter
of time before McGee, DiNozzo, and Ziva return to the fold? Got any
burning questions you’d like answered in tomorrow’s Ask Ausiello? Sound
off below!